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The Life Highway

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20150501_154542Well, it is time to put the key in the ignition, start the car and back this thing out of the driveway.  If blogs were cars, this might be my 7th.  Two of my blogs chronicled the first years of each of my children’s lives.  Several others were blog ideas that never got off the ground.  My last one was a blog about resolutions and was going okay for awhile but eventually fizzled due to two things:

1) The main subject of the blog was something I was becoming less and less interested in writing about, and

2) I just did not have the time to write.  My very last blog article was entitled, “Rebuilding Step #1 – When To Blog?”.

And that was all she wrote.  Or, in my case, “he”.  So, what is different now?  Well, I think I may have figured out a way to make time.  So, armed with time (I think) and a much broader blog subject (life), I embark on this new adventure today.

You may be asking, “So, what exactly is this blog going to be about?”.  Well, at this point I can only tell you what it is intended to be about.  It is intended to be a blog examining the little details of our lives.  These little things, while little, all add up. And by changing many of these details, we can make ourselves happier and make our lives much more enjoyable.  And I will be talking about big things as well.  So, in short, it will be a blog about life, but I intend to do it in a way that is entertaining and enjoyable.

The photo I chose for this post represents the fact that every path, every road, every highway has some risk and uncertainty to it and that we need to…..okay, I chose it because I took it yesterday and it was readily available for me to upload.  And because of the tsunami sign, which I thought was cool.