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The Trip Starts With A Clean Car!

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20150509_175813One of the revelations in my life over the past few years is how little things can make you happy.  I have noticed in myself a happy feeling when I walk into our house and everything is picked up.  I have noticed that it is more pleasant to walk into our bedroom when the bed is made than when it isn’t.  And I have noticed that it is so much more enjoyable to drive my car when it is clean.

My car is rarely clean.  Over the course of time, it gradually turns into a mobile closet.  But even that comparison is not accurate because I don’t keep garbage in my closet.  I was recently at a funeral and after the service we all got into our cars to head over to the burial site.  In the five minutes or so that we sat waiting for the lead car to begin the procession, I took one look at the pathetic sight in the passenger side of the car and decided that I would use the time to begin cleaning my car.  I found a few plastic grocery bags and began putting trash in one bag, plastic water bottles in another and began folding clothes.  Yes, folding clothes.  At certain times of the year, namely fall and spring, even the weather forecast is not enough to tell you whether it will be warm or cold. And so if I am wearing short-sleeve one day, I will sometimes bring a long-sleeve shirt along with me in case my weather prediction is slightly inaccurate.  And vice-versa.  But what happens is that I will get home and not bring the extra shirt back into the house and this cycle repeats itself several times over the course of a few weeks until I eventually have a mini-wardrobe in my car.


As I was cleaning my car – throwing away trash and folding clothes – I actually contemplated the idea of stopping by a mental health facility on the way home to have myself evaluated and possibly admitted.  My car has been in a needs-cleaning state many times before but this was one was particularly bad.  Well, the funeral procession began and the cleaning ended.  When I got home, some of the stuff made it into the house but not all of it.  So, my downgraded mess remained a few weeks until…this Sunday.  I decided it was time.  And so, my car received a much needed cleaning.  And this one was a deep cleaning.  Not just washing it, not just vacuuming it, not just washing the inside windows, but everything.  I even cleaned…. the glove compartment.  This glove compartment, as I discovered, had not been cleaned in…well, ever.  Every car registration form, every proof of insurance, every little thing that I had decided to stick in there for whatever reason since the car was purchased in 2009 was in there.  And so I cleaned it.  How bad was it?  When I was done cleaning the glove compartment, I had to re-vacuum the front part of the car.

So, all this to say that my car is now clean and it is a joy to be in my car again.  It’s a little life detail but I’m a little happier now.  This was also the first thing I did after starting this blog.  The Life Highway blog era begins with cleaning the car.  Perfect.