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Pocket Problem

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11329962_10205650689518777_1215726538813076302_nOnce upon a time, I had a wallet.  That wallet went into one front pocket.  Then I got keys.  The keys went into the other front pocket.  Then at the tail end of the 20th century I purchased a cell phone.  So, I was then in a situation where I had three items and two front pockets.  I could begin using one of my back pockets to carry my wallet, but did not want to do that because I feared being pick-pocketed and I did not want to sit on a wallet every time I sat down.  So, I decided to combine the wallet and cell phone in one pocket and keep the keys in the other.  At least I think that’s how it was arranged.  Then, in 2013, I was given a company phone that I also needed to keep with me.  So, I now had four items to distribute among two front pockets.  Once again, I asked myself, “Do I want to begin using the back pockets?”  Once again, the answer was no.  So, I then had to decide which item in my pockets I didn’t mind the keys scratching up.  I chose the wallet.  So, I relocated my wallet from the left front pocket to the right front pocket and put both phones in the same pocket.  I put them in my pocket in such a way that the screens were not touching each other.  One of the phones was large (Samsung Galaxy) and one was lighter and smaller (iPhone).  Surprisingly, two phones didn’t feel that much different than one phone and the arrangement worked.

However, earlier this year the iPhone case began falling apart.  It may have had something to do with the fact that I often let my kids watch YouTube videos on it.  But a more plausible explanation would the friction caused by tiht living quarters with another smartphone.  So, I purchased…well, my company purchased a replacement case.  But, I do not want a repeat of the same problem.  So, it is obvious that things will need to be arranged differently going forward.

If this were a popular or well-known blog, I would simply to appeal to my readers for advice.  But being that there are approximately zero of you out there at the moment, I will seek a solution on my own and I will let you know how I end up resolving this first world problem.