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Ready, Set, Go! (San Ysidro, CA)

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IMG00487-20100819-1242And we’re off!  Today marks the beginning of my blog journey across the country.  What does this mean?  Well, as a motivator to keep blogging, I will be assigning a city to each blog post.  I am starting at the U.S.-Mexico border in Southern California and will be making my way to the northern tip of Maine and then back to San Diego.  I will pick a route and then each city along that route will represent a blog post.  So, by the time I get to the East Coast I should have tons of blog posts under my belt.  And just as the scenery and culture would be vastly different in that part of the country on a real trip, the scenery and feel of this blog figures to be different on this blog as well by that time.  This virtual road trip will give me (and my readers) a visual idea of how far this blog has come.
My journey begins at the U.S.-Mexico border at the tail end of Interstate 5.  Well, it’s the tail end if you are going south.  For us, it is the very beginning.  If I take one step backward, I will be in Mexico.  I didn’t bring a passport with me, so there is no going that way.  I am thinking of visiting Canada when I reach the northeast part of the country, so I will be stopping by my house along the way to pick it up.
So, what city am I in right now?  You can call it San Diego, but if you want to be technical, it is a city called San Ysidro.  Zip code #92173.  According to Wikipedia, it was named after San Ysidro Labrador (Saint Isidore), the patron saint of farmers.  It was founded in 1908 by William Smythe with the motto, “A little land and a living surely is better than desperate struggle and wealth possibly.” (,_San_Diego).  According to the article, it was annexed by San Diego in 1957.  So, that is why I can say that I am in San Diego.
The photo posted above was taken in Imperial Beach in August of 2010.  I was jogging along the beach and took a few pictures.  The photo is looking toward Mexico and so I am sure San Ysidro is somewhere in the shot.
It is 75 degrees here right now.  We are expecting some showers in the early evening hours, but not too much.  I am starting this road trip in the month of October, so I am not expecting the weather to be this nice very often.
And so the journey begins.  What will my life look like when I return to this location? What kind of job will I have?  Where will I live?  How much money will I have?  What will my kids be like?  What kind of experiences will I have had by that point?  We shall see.