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The Clueless Prepper – Post 1

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Today marks the beginning.  Today is Day 1 of a long journey of preparing for the next apocalypse.  Or is it the first apocalypse?  Exactly how many apocalypses have we had?  I think the upcoming one will be the first.  Anyway, over the last several years, I have had a growing sense that I need to prepare for something – the end of the world, an economic collapse, an earthquake, an 8-minute power outage…something really bad.

It all started one day in…I believe it was 2012.  In fact, I think I was sitting in this exact spot.  And it was a Saturday.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I was watching a UCLA football game.  Actually, I believe it was the UCLA-USC game for that year.  Sometime around the beginning of the 4th quarter, the TV went out.  However, there were other appliances that were functioning in the house.  I’m sure I initially attributed it to a circuit breaker issue or something.  I know virtually nothing about electricity or pretty much anything not related to sports, politics, music and my job.  In fact, my daughter just asked me what the word “coincidence” means (as she was reading this post over my shoulder) and I was unable to give her an answer.  I later learned that we were experiencing a “brown out”.  This was evidenced by the fact that a limited amount of light was emanating from the lights.

Shortly, after my UCLA-USC game disappeared off of the television, my wife walks into the house with $200 worth of groceries, much of which was about to go into an increasingly warming refrigerator.  Well, the brown out stretched on and on, the sun sank lower and lower and the mood in the house reflected the light level in the house…darker and darker.  At one point, we decided to temporarily escape our situation and go out to a local restaurant to eat.  We did this, but it wasn’t without it’s share of difficulties as we had to figure out how to disconnect the garage door opener so that we could open the garage to back the car out.  This was about as much as we could handle.  We grumpily pulled away and made our way toward the light.  It wasn’t the light you walk into at the end of your life, no matter how much we were wishing it was, but the part of the city where sight was possible. The dinner helped for awhile, but by the end of the evening, I began filling my car with perishables from the refrigerator to drop off at my parents’ house as well as my friend’s house.

While I was completing Operation Food Rescue, I got the message that our lights were back on.  I could bring the groceries back home and all was well with the world.

However, that 6 to 8 hour descent into darkness and despair made me aware of how dependent we are on modern-day technology and how woefully unprepared we were in the event an actual disaster ever happened.  So, four years later, I am going to start preparing my family for the end of the world…or at least, an annoying brown out.  And I’m inviting you to come along for the ride!

Well, it’s 4:35 p.m.  Suppose I should take a shower……