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The Clueless Prepper – Water

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13590382_10208556785649364_7610677004641706161_n (1)So, my preparation for the apocalypse…or your standard power outage…continues.  This is one of the few prepping steps that I had actually started a couple of years ago.  They say you should have a gallon of water per person per day for emergencies.  Or is that a quart?  Or is that a liter?  I can’t remember.  It doesn’t matter.  I have enough to cover a 3-day emergency, which I believe is the amount of days that is recommended for basic emergency preparation.

Anyway, for a couple years I have had a shelf in the garage dedicated to cases of bottled water.  I probably have about ten cases of them at the moment.  The water isn’t just for emergencies.  It’s also for normal consumption.  On each case, I write the purchase date with a marker.  So, when I pull out a new bottle to drink, I pull it out of the oldest case.  That way, the water supply always remains fresh.  When I’m done with a case, it’s time to pick up a new one the next time I go to the store.  Simple as that.

It just so happens that I was running low on water when I started this blog.  So, last week I picked up six new cases of water.  So, now I’m restocked and at the very least, know that I will be hydrated during the next emergency.

Road Trip – Cardiff By The Sea, CA

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Tonight my pretend road trip arrives at Cardiff By The Sea.  Cardiff By The Sea is actually part of the city of Encinitas, but unlike other communities in Encinitas, it has it’s own zip code.  According to Wikipedia, it is one of the most popular surf spots in San Diego County.  The temperature at the moment is 67 degrees.  Not bad for 11:04 p.m.  The temperature expects to be in the mid-70s this week.

The Clueless Prepper – Batteries

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Note: to fully enjoy this post,bring  up the song Battery by Metallica and have it playing as you read this.

Okay, that was a little cheesy.  But, it is a good song and one of my all-time favorite albums.  Do whatever you want.  Anyway…

A journey begins with a single step.  I feel like I’m missing something.  Oh yeah, I forgot to include the mileage that the journey is supposed to take – a thousand miles.  Or in my case, 10,000 miles.  You see, my ultimate goal is not just to be prepared for emergencies, but to be able to make my family completely independent and my home completely self-sustaining.  Is that possible?  I don’t know.  Would I have the passion and energy to go to that extreme?  I don’t know.  Will I even care to go to that extreme?  I don’t know, but I do know that if I aim for that goal, then I will likely accomplish a lot more in my emergency preparedness mission than I would have originally.

So, what is my first step?  My first step is to buy batteries.  Why was that my first step?  Because I happened to be in Costco the other day and saw batteries on the shelf.  I saw that they were selling them in large quantities (which is what Costco does), and so I decided to buy them.  Simple as that.

It actually made sense that this was my first prepping step.  What started this whole thing anyway?  A brown out.  What is needed when the power goes out, or in my case mostly out?  Power.

What kind of batteries did I buy?  AA and AAA.  Next time I will pick up C’s and D’s.

Now, I have bought batteries before.  But what happens is that they just go into a drawer in the house and get used up.  Then one day we go to replace the batteries in the remote and after opening drawer after drawer, we find that we have one remaining battery left and that means it’s time to buy more.  But if an emergency suddenly occurs and batteries are needed to power flashflights or other devices, we have none available.

So, the batteries that I purchased are for emergencies only and will go into a special place in the garage.  If we run out of batteries in the house, we will have to go to the store and buy new ones.  The way that I plan to do that is to buy the same amount that I just bought and replace the emergency amount with the package that I just bought. That way the emergency batteries are always fresh.

So, there’s the first step.  We are on our way!

Road Trip – Solana Beach, CA

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So, my pretend road trip continues.  Each new blog post represents one city on my journey across the country.  Today I arrived in Solana Beach, CA.  It is summer here in Southern California, but the temperature here is a perfect 73 degrees.  I came here once before and that was in the year 1996.  I came here for a weekend retreat with my college church group, Campus Crusade.  One significant event that happened during that weekend was the enjoyment of my very first fish taco.  Well, I really shouldn’t use the word “enjoyment” because that word doesn’t really describe my experience.  I love fish tacos now, but on that spring day in ’96, “fish” and “tacos” did not exactly seem like a match made in heaven. So, anyway, I’m back here again.  Well, sorta.  Remember that I’m not actually here.