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The Clueless Prepper – More Batteries

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Note: These Clueless Prepper posts are part of a blog I have on Blogger ( that chronicle my journey to complete 100% off-the-grid independence…or basic emergency preparedness.  I am shooting for the former in order to achieve the latter.  So, enjoy…

Well, in my long, slow quest to become independent of the grid, I have arrived at my third prepping step and that is to complete my stockpile of batteries.  By stockpile, I mean one package of each type of battery.  Previously (see Step 1), I purchased AA and AAA batteries.  Last night, I made a trip to Home Depot with my kids and picked up other types of batteries to complete my emergency supply.  The batteries I purchased were C, D and 9-volt.  The idea going forward is that the emergency supply of batteries located in my garage does not exist.  They will only be used in the event of emergencies.  So, the next time our remote control stops working and we discover that we only have one AA battery left, we will need to go to the store to buy a new package.  Once we have bought that new package, we will then trade that package with the one in our emergency supply in order to keep the emergency supply fresh.  Otherwise, when a major earthquake hits 8 years from now, we won’t have the issue of diving into our emergency supply only to find that the batteries are all dead.

So, there you have it.  We got batteries.

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