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Pretend Road Trip – Oceanside, CA

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Today I’ve arrived in Oceanside, CA.  I could tell you the wheather, but I…..”wheather”?  Why did I spell it that way?  Long week, I guess.  Weather.  That’s what I meant.  I usually like to let you know the kind of weather we are having on every place I visit, but I’m in Oceanside.  You know what the weather is like.  It’s perfect.  It’s always perfect in the San Diego area.

I consider Oceanside to be the gateway to San Diego.  When you’re driving south from L.A., there is a long stretch between Orange County and San Diego County that is barren and empty.  That is because you are driving by Camp Pendleton.  So, the normal array of houses, restaurants, buildings and vegetation gives way to a lot of nothing.  But after a considerable amount of time goes by, you finally arrive in Oceanside and the scenery becomes normal again.  Now, because I am traveling north, this means that I am leaving the San Diego area and will be making my way to Orange County.  We’re making progress…

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